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> Please raise and discuss questions about policy on meta. This is not the
> place.
> Regards,
> Thyge

Wil, I suggest that you do go to http://meta.wikimedia.org and find pages
about these issues. *Read the archives of the talk pages*. And start new
discussions on those talk pages. Assume the 'meta' project has a discussion
page for every issue you can think of. If you cant find something on meta,
ask someone who is active on meta (check recent changes)

Also read the archives of wikimedia-l for at least 2013 and 2014, to get a
feel for this list, and to be aware of where we are 'at' on issues which
are discussed every year. Then you can start new threads which pick up from
where we left of last time.

Keep in mind wikimedia-l is mandatory reading for a lot of very busy
volunteers and NGO staff at all levels and who have varying levels of
English proficiency. wikimedia-l doubles as an business forum for our many

Every email to this list has an opportunity cost. It is peoples time being

John Vandenberg
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