No, Wil. I mean the repeated linking to a Wikipediocracy thread that
actively denigrates many of the other correspondents on this list; that
advocates that you use your personal influence to persuade the new ED to
fire WMF staff; that implies that every WMF-related IRC channel (there are
dozens, several of which are logged all the time) is littered with
gratuitous insults and poor behaviour. Your own comments tar every
Wikimedian and WMF staff member with the same brush.  You appear to have
accepted wholesale the information provided by people who have had a
negative experience while discounting the comments of anyone who encourages
you to try things out for yourself, no pressure.  And you've worked very
hard to try to force this community to discuss issues that are amongst the
most highly contentious on any internet community at your convenience and
with you framing the discussion, discounting any discussions that were had
before, many of which you could have found for yourself with a rather basic
google search.

You knew all along that there was a security concern about the events
relating to that IRC discussion, and yet you persisted.  You would have
earned some respect if you had walked away from that, but you chose not to.
Now, I realise that you don't value the respect of Wikimedians very much.
But on a day when Lila should be celebrating, she is instead trying to deal
with the fallout of her life partner creating havoc amongst her staff and
the volunteers who contribute to the projects for which she will be
imminently responsible for.  That's sad beyond words.


On 28 May 2014 23:54, Wil Sinclair <> wrote:

> Ah. You mean the edit that I didn't write, I didn't post to IRC, and
> I've never actually seen.
> Got it.
> ,Wil
> On Wed, May 28, 2014 at 8:46 PM, Molly White
> <> wrote:
> > Wil Sinclair <wllm@...> writes:
> >
> >>
> >> What???
> >>
> >> What talk page are you talking about? How in the world am I making an
> >> unsafe environment?
> >
> > I believe Risker is referring to the post I revision-deleted.
> >
> >> Those are some *very* serious charges. I'm really just stunned.
> >>
> >> *No wonder people are afraid to post here!*
> >
> > I've made my point, and I'm more or less done talking about this on-list,
> > probably for similar reasons as NYB. Feel free to contact me off-list if
> you
> > wish.
> >
> > Yours,
> > Molly (GorillaWarfare)
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