2014-05-29 7:46 GMT+02:00 Wil Sinclair <w...@wllm.com>:

> * I'm quite capable of thinking for myself. I am truly interested in
> protecting children and preventing harassment. And I'm particularly
> interested in the current state of the policies around these issues as
> the leadership of the WMF changes. Old discussions might contain
> outdated information. I could go on-wiki to see the current policies,
> but I keep having to reply to mails like these that somehow attribute
> a bunch of opinions to me that I've never expressed.
> I'm still trying to understand what I've done wrong here. I've
> basically asked some questions and replied to posts that either were
> directly addressed to me (as yours is here), or made extensive
> reference to me (as some of the mails calling for my blocking). Let me
> ask you a simple question that may help me understand where you are
> coming from: do you find the questions themselves personally
> upsetting?
> Thanks again!
> ,Wil

if the discussions are outdated, so are the questions, since they for
years already have been considered at length on-wiki with a lot of
spill-off here.

In order to make progress in any direction, new suggestions that can obtain
consensus are needed. As far as I can see, you raise old questions without
apparently showing interest in the comprehensive past treatment and without
presenting any new point of view or a perspective that points to a
solution. In addition, as I and others have remarked earlier, the
questions basically belong to meta and not on this list.

This is what I feel you 'have done wrong'  and - since that takes away from
my available time and from my reading about other topics here - that
is what upsets me.
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