I have no idea about the prizes for other places to compare, but I
must say 10k reais (~5k USD) is a small amount of money for the value
generate by this type of competition, in my opinion.

At the moment I am running through the organization I coordinate a
challenge which will give prizes of this order, although we won't give
it in cash, but a trip to Open Knowledge Festival
<http://2014.okfestival.org/> next July, books and games, all
catalysing the creative use of technology and free software. And this
is from a very tiny organization 6 month old.

The results from this competition led by the education program
coordinator in Brazil seems good so far. I think one thing that could
be improved was to consult the community in a more open way to avoid
the actual wikidramas and I tend not to like prizes in cash, but
simbolic one, like a trip to Wikimania would make much more sense for
me or some prize related to photograph.

I don't criticize the organizers, they are newbies in the Wikimedia
movement and let's assume good faith, but I think it's a good
opportunity to discuss the issue globally, although the way the topic
was raised.


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