On 03/06/2014 12:53, Mark wrote:
On 6/2/14, 10:55 PM, ??? wrote:
There is no public interest in how many time celeb X got a detention
at school for not doing their homework at junior high.

Isn't that the kind of information you would in fact expect to find in a
biography of any kind of public figure? If I were reading a biography of
Winston Churchill or Louis Armstrong or Neil Armstrong or anyone else
prominent enough to have a book-length biography written about them, I
would typically expect it to include a chapter about their childhood,
and that would normally include some details of how they did at school,
if such details are known. That's precisely the kind of information that
biographers search for when putting together a comprehensive biography.

WP is not creating books, and it is mostly NOT creating articles about major figures of the 20th century. It is not constructing comprehensive biographies. It is mostly creating short articles about people of slight notability from scant sources, where perhaps their school detention is the one of the few things extant about them.

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