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Interesting. Can you link me to a biography where a school detention is
main feature of the article?

How about this 8 yo?

What about these other kids?


Thanks! I was unable to locate any mention of school detentions in any of
the articles you linked.

I was able to determine that one is the heir to the throne of Belgium,
another the granddaughter of the Queen of England, another the daughter of
the soon-to-be King of Spain, one will likely become Emperor of Japan and
lastly Prince Emmanuel is the son of the King of Belgium and the younger
sibling of the eventual Queen.

So I do not yet see your point, which I think is that WP processes trivial
personal information about non-notable individuals in whom few people have
any interest. Perhaps you neglected to include the articles you mentioned
where school detentions are one of the few things extant about the

These are pre-teen kids, the information that is being collated is trivia and intrusive. Fell and broke arm, taken out of main stream education, went to a Science Museum, able to change his own clothes, went to see a musical.

And if you can't see that this is equivalent to "didn't do hos homework" all one can say is Oh dear!

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