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Congratulations to all members of the Wikimedia Bangladesh!

Rodrigo Padula

2014-06-10 14:28 GMT-03:00 Tonmoy Khan <>:

> Dear All,
> It gives me great pleasure to announce that Wikimedia Bangladesh (WMBD) has
> successfully completed its local registration in Bangladesh. Our
> application for registration was approved by the Registrar of Joint Stock
> Companies & Firms - Bangladesh on 9th June, 2014 and I have collected the
> certificate of registration today (10th June, 2014).
> Wikimedia Bangladesh has been registered under the Societies Registration
> Act of Bangladesh & our official name is Wikimedia Bangladesh Foundation.
> The registration process was a very long and demanding one, but our
> perseverance and determination finally prevailed. It has become very
> difficult to get registration of a society/foundation in Bangladesh as the
> incumbents have to have security clearance from the National Security
> Intelligence (NSI) of Bangladesh, which is very difficult to get if not
> impossible. In the course of dealing with the registration process of WMBD,
> I learned that less than 5 applications for registration as societies get
> approved out of every 100. We submitted our application in May 2012 and it
> took us a little over two years to get the security clearance from NSI &
> complete all the bureaucratic process!
> It gives us a great sense of achievement that we could uphold the Wikimedia
> movement volunteerism spirit with passion, integrity and professionalism
> despite being a small volunteer community. The pending registration issue
> could not hold us from doing outreach activities locally & taking in the
> greater Wikimedia Movement. We organized some excellent programs, workshops
> & meet-ups with our limited resources during this time period. This effort
> successfully brought in good number of new contributors to Bengali
> Wikipedia & increased the article count. Volunteers from WMBD/Bangladesh
> are also actively participating in the international Wikimedia movement by
> taking part in discussions, conferences & as committee members in different
> Wikimedia committees.
> We, as a chapter, want to make small but steady steps towards sustainable
> progress in fostering the Wikimedia movement in Bangladesh so that we can
> make the sum of all human knowledge accessible to the people of this
> region.
> Cheers
> Ali Haidar Khan (tOnmOy)
> Treasurer
> Wikimedia Bangladesh
> "ভাবুনতো এমন এক পৃথিবীর কথা, যেখানে প্রতিটি মানুষ সমস্ত জ্ঞান বাধাহীন ভাবে
> আদান প্রদান করতে পারবে। এটাই আমাদের অঙ্গীকার।"
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