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Below you will find the report of activities of the month of May 2014 done
by the volunteers of Wikimedia Mexico. Please don't hesitate to get in
touch with us if you require extra information about this activities or
only to make some suggestions.

The report is also available on Spanish and English in our wiki: (Spanish) (English)

Kindly regards. On behalf our chapter.

Carmen Alcázar (User:Wotancito)
WMMX Secretary.

===First meeting of volunteers for Wikimania 2015===

The Mexican chapter had its first meeting of volunteers for Wikimania 2015,
the Wikimedia movement international conference which is to be held next
year at Vasconcelos Library in Mexico City. The meeting was held at the
same place where the conference will take place. 32 persons attended. A
general presentation was offered, then the general coordinations and their
specific tasks were described.

===Wikimania 2015 announcement on the Internet Day===
Past May 16
​Iván Martínez
, president of Wikimedia Mexico, was invited by the Laboratory for the City
of Mexico to preside over the Internet Day in Mexico City. The ceremony
took place after an inauguration of a Telmex Digital Classroom at the
Centro de Transferencia a Menores of Procuraduría General de la República
(Center for Minor Transfer of the Attorney General's Office of Mexico
City). By request of the city authorities,
​Iván Martínez
 made a speech focused on social participation and collaborative phenomenon
behind Wikipedia. This message was written by Salvador
​ Alcantar​
. The mayor of Mexico City, Miguel Ángel Mancera, formally announced the
realization of Wikimania 2015 in Mexico City and expressed his approval.
Watch the video
​: ​

== Journal ==
May 2
Talks by
​Gustavo Sandoval
 about Wikipedia at two self-managed public high schools in Chicoloapan,
State of Mexico: high school number 55 and high school "Próceres de la
Educación". See, here, a
brief review by Adrián Vergara, a local chronicler who assisted us; some
images and opinions of some of the students are also included. These talks
are some of the activities included in the Latin-American Festival for the
Installation of Free Software (FLISOL).,_Estado_de_M%C3%A9xico._(9).jpg

May 6
Interview for Wikinoticias and presentation of Wikimania before the head of
the Government of the Federal District, Miguel Ángel Mancera.
​Iván Martínez
​Carmen Alcázar
 attended the Government's office.

May 13
​Iván Martínez
 meets the authorities of the Institute of High School Education of the
Government of Mexico City in Iztacalco to talk about their interest in
joining Wikimedia México's Wikipedia Education Program.
*Wikimania 2015 staff work meeting at Jardín de Innovación, Mexico City.

May 14
​Wikimedia Mexico
 meets the authorities of the Laboratorio para la Ciudad (Lab for the City)
of the Government of the Federal District to talk about Wikimania 2015.

May 15
*Wikimania 2015 staff meets Biblioteca Vasconcelos' staff.

May 16
​Iván Martínez
participates in the ceremony to celebrate the Internet Day in Mexico City,
invited by Laboratorio para la Ciudad of the Government of the Federal

May 17
​Iván Martínez
 talks during the Latin-American Festival for the Installation of Free
Software (FLISOL) at National Polytechnic Institute's Escuela Superior de
Cómputo (ESCOM, School of Computer Science).

May 18
*Wikimedia México's board's monthly meeting
*Wikimania 2015 staff work meeting
*First meeting of volunteers for Wikimania 2015. Vasconcelos Library,
Mexico City.

May 22
*Presentation of the Report of Semester 2013-2 of the Wikipedia Education
Program at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)'s Faculty of
Higher Studies Aragón (FES Aragón).

May 23
*Talk by
​Iván Martínez
 at the Second Meeting of Digital Humanities, organized by Red de
Humanidades Digitales (Digital Humanities Network), UNAM's Faculty of
Philosophy and Literature (FFyL) and Biblioteca Vasconcelos.

May 27
*Participation of
​Alan Lazalde
 at Cumbre del Buen Conocer (Well Knowing Summit) in Quito, Ecuador,
organized by FLOK Society.

May 31
*Wikipedia Monthly Workshop at Telmex Hub.

During May
*Meetings and activities related to Wikimania 2015.
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