Thanks Erik,
This is certainly something we are keen to work on. I was talking to Magnus
just last night and of course our experience with Europeana has taught us a
lot )I hope we have fully learnt the messages!).
We are undertaking a scoping review of our Development plans at the moment
and this will be part of the consideration.


On 26 June 2014 04:54, Erik Moeller <> wrote:

> Hi folks,
> At the Zurich Hackathon, I met with a couple of folks from WM-CH who
> were interested in talking about ways that chapters can get involved
> in engineering/product development, similar to WM-DE's work on
> Wikidata.
> My recommendation to them was to consider working on GLAM-related
> tooling. This includes helping improve some of the reporting tools
> currently running in Labs (primarily developed by the illustrious and
> wonderful Magnus Manske in his spare time), but also meeting other
> requirements identified by the GLAM community [1] and potentially
> helping with the development of more complex MediaWiki-integrated
> tools like the GLAMWiki-Toolset.
> There's work that only WMF is well positioned to do (like feeding all
> media view data into Hadoop and providing generalized reports and
> APIs), but a lot of work in the aforementioned categories could be
> done by any chapter and could easily be scaled up from 1 to 2 to 3
> FTEs and beyond as warranted. That's because a lot of the tools are
> separate from MediaWiki, so code review and integration requirements
> are lower, and it's easier for technically proficient folks to help.
> In short, I think this could provide a nice on-ramp for a chapter or
> chapters to support the work of volunteers in the cultural sector with
> appropriate technology. This availability of appropriate technology is
> clearly increasingly a distinguishing factor for Wikimedia relative to
> more commercial offerings in its appeal to the cultural sector.
> At the same time, WMF itself doesn't currently prioritize work with
> the cultural sector very highly, which I think is appropriate given
> all the other problems we have to solve. So if this kind of work has
> to compete for attention with much more basic improvements to say the
> uploading pipeline or the editing tools, it's going to lose. Therefore
> I think having a "cultural tooling" team or teams in the larger
> movement would be appropriate.
> I've not heard back from WM-CH yet on this, but I also don't think
> it's an exclusive suggestion, so wanted to put the idea in people's
> heads in case other organizations in the movement want to help with
> it. I do want WMF to solve the larger infrastructure problems, but the
> more specialized tooling is likely _not_ going to be high on our
> agenda anytime soon.
> Thanks,
> Erik
> [1]
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