On 06/29/2014 03:19 PM, Pine W wrote:
> If you or someone else can suggest reasonable ways to reach 90% confidence
> that identity documents are genuine and that identification information
> will not be compromised while in transit or while at WMF, then I think it
> makes sense to require identification. But so far I am not convinced that
> we can reach either of those thresholds and it sounds like WMF has reached
> the same conclusion.

I'm not privvy to that discussion, but I'd expect that "[...] that does
not unduly exclude valuable volunteers" is also an implicit requirement
of any identification method considered.

Even if you /could/ develop a mechanism by which we had safe and
reliable identification of functionnaries, it'd be worthless if most (or
even just many) of the volunteers we had were unable to avail themselves
of it because of social or geographical constraints.

-- Marc

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