On 04/07/14 00:26, rupert THURNER wrote:

> did anybody of you already have contact with the red cross or the icrc?
> concerning wikipedia, offline, commons, maps, wikinews? would there be
> any topic interesting for a cooperation?

Yes; one librarian from the ICRC photo department recently visited one
of Wikimedia CH's Wikipermanences (
http://frwp.org/Wikipédia:WikiPermanence/Suisse ).

They are currently at the (very) early stage of developing a policy for
the global diffusion of their images, and are checking all possible
options. They have a large stock of pictures that could potentially be
distributed (meaning: not the ones documenting e.g. recent prisoners of
wars, etc).

Their main worry seems to be "how do we make sure that people do not use
the pictures in a way we're not happy with", so they are not ready (yet)
to go down the free license route... But we had a long discussion about
possible scenarios, describing what other institutions have done, etc.
It seems to be a bit early for a more formal contact, but we're keeping
in touch with them. And the fact that they initiated contact is a good


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