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> I find the terminology and scoring here to be pretty obscure. Can someone
> explain in detail what the definitions of each criterion are and what the
> different scores mean applied to each criterion? For example, what does
> "Geographic diversity for the board as a whole" mean as a skill?


Can it be in plain English please, rather than weird jargon?

Examples include:

* "Gender diversity for the board as a whole" - this might mean
counting how many women are on the board (so why not say that?), or
maybe it includes other dimensions, like a count of LGBT identifying
people. The "board as a whole" might mean that the count is of people
who are not actually board members, it is very unclear.

* "Geographic diversity for the board as a whole" - this might mean
counting the number of countries where board members reside, or how
many different countries they have resided in, or how much they
travel, or several other things. It may or may not be a part of
"Ethnic / multi-lingual diversity for the board as a whole" which is
counted as a second thingy.

* "Visionary creative drive" - this appears to be classic management
speak rather than English. I hope that the board has very few
"visionaries", it sounds like having several might become disruptive.
Boards benefit from having several people who are not "creative" (that
can be a good thing when you want basic stuff actually done, like
giving some oversight for the annual accounts).

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