So far there are no candidates to organize the next Wikimedia Hackathon in
Europe. If any chapter, thorg, or group of volunteers is thinking about
applying, please let us know. We want to announce the new host at Wikimania.

Very important: the budget for the Wikimedia Hackathon 2015 will be
discussed and eventually approved as an independent Project and Event Fund.
This means that organizers will be able to define the budget and manage it
without depending on general chapter funds and FDC rounds. This will avoid
any risk of budget cuts caused by factors alien to the hackathon
organization, a problem we have seen in previous editions. Background:

On Friday, May 30, 2014, Quim Gil <> wrote:

> (CCing wikimedia-l as well, please send any replies to wikitech-l only)
> The Wikimedia technical community wants to have another hackathon next
> year in Europe. Who will organize it?
> Interested parties, check
> We would like to confirm a host by Wikimania, latest.
> The same call goes for India and other locations with a good concentration
> of Wikimedia contributors and software developers. Come on, step in. We
> want to increase our geographical diversity of technical contributors.
> --
> Quim Gil
> Engineering Community Manager @ Wikimedia Foundation

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