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> From: Ad Huikeshoven <>
> Date: 13 August 2014 12:40:14 BST
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> Subject: Clarification by Lila Tretikov about MediaViewer
> Dear fellow Wikipedians and Wikimedians,
> Your work in creating the awesome thing Wikipedia is very much appreciated 
> and you're all recognized for contributing towards it's success. Last weekend 
> I have been to Wikimania. I really enjoyed the presentation by Fabrice Florin 
> about A Culture of Kindness [1]. One of the slide contains a picture of Jimmy 
> Wales holding a sheet of paper on which he has written 'be kind to everyone, 
> including the annoying ones'.
> There have been multiple threads on this list with many postings about 
> actions on the German Wikipedia with respect to MediaViewer. On meta Lila 
> Tretikov has posted several remarks including an additional clarification 
> [2], which I copy below:
> <quote>
> * Our overall communication, design, prioritization, testing, roll-out 
> mechanisms and general product development practices are insufficient and 
> must be brought on-par with our user’s expectations. We are not planning any 
> new major deployments until some of those basic improvements are put into 
> place. This will be done in the open; it is fundamental and urgent. I've 
> touched on it at Wikimania.
> * We are not removing MV.  It has been in production for months. Its removal 
> will cause more problems and confusion for our users.  We will hold ourselves 
> accountable to getting it to the level of quality that is expected of the top 
> site.
> * We are working to post next steps to clarify development and deployment 
> process including rights and responsibilities; you can expect more 
> information in coming days.
> * I encourage you to help us improve our process as a whole as well as this 
> specific feature by offering your time, advice, and collaboration. We will be 
> engaging you on it. Please refrain from making unassisted changes to  the 
> feature’s configuration.
> </quote>
> What Fabrice and Jimmy ask for is to be kind. What I would like to express is 
> that many of the postings about MediaViewer do annoy me, and some are very 
> annoying. What I do ask of my fellow Wikipedians is to continue to contribute 
> to Wikipedia in a kind way, to pay attention to what Lila has posted on meta 
> and which I copied above. 
> Some of you might be curious to learn to know the ideas of Lila. She made a 
> presentation at Wikimania, which can be viewed on line [3]. Please 
> collaborate in the development of processes in a kind way. Thank you.
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> [1]
> [2] 
> [3]
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