Pine W skrev 2014-08-20 09:32:

I am curious to hear your thoughts about the proposed Technology Committee.
That idea has some community support and had been discussed at some length
on the WMF Board Noticeboard.
I second that question

The mediaviewer has never been an issue on the Swedish community. After our layout expert stated it was a good feature for the readers, we editors quickly learned to opt out and continue our editing

I also have no problem accepting that the communities do not decide over the UI to our readers. I also see very promising statement from Lila.

But i am missing the insight from both Erik and Lila that behind what is being discussed is a key concern. Who decides over the development. And here I believe, as I stated before, that a properly set up Technology Committe is needed in order to ease the tensions in the movement independent of iany mproved processes


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