With 11 days remaining in August, I'd like to remind everyone that
Wikimedia-l's guidelines[0] ask that subscribers keep their post count
below at most 30 per month. This guideline exists to help curb the
temptation to weigh in on absolutely every point raised, turning what
could otherwise be a carefully considered debate into a rapid-fire
argument. (If that's what you're looking for, fear not—I'm sure IRC[1]
has you covered.)

I know that this month has seen a few contentious topics, but if you
see yourself nearing 30 posts (Erik Zachte's ScanMail tool[2] is very
helpful, here), perhaps it's worth sparing a moment for pause before
clicking "reply." In fact, that's probably worth doing even if you
aren't topping the charts. Less is sometimes more.

Thanks for your attention,


[0] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia-l
[1] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/IRC/Channels
[2] http://www.infodisiac.com/Wikipedia/ScanMail/Wikimedia-l.html

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