re the birth anomalies, we have been running a process for several years now 
that looks for people alive according to certain wikipedias and dead according 
to up to 80 others. The format works well and has been broadened to various 
other anomalies such as being dead but not born.

The key thing to remember is that when Wikipedias differ you need reliable 
source to settle the difference.

Wikidata may or may not make this sort of thing easier, but my suspicion is 
that resolving anomalies will improve Wikidata as well as Wikipedia.


Jonathan (WereSpielChequers)

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> Gerard Meijssen wrote:
>> What is needed is a report that looks good enough for now and a public ie
>> visible place to put it.
> Neat idea!
> There's <>, of
> course. In my experience, users don't really care what the report is
> titled or how it looks; they're much more concerned with accurate and
> up-to-date (read: actionable) report data.
> One of the benefits of using a wiki page is that wiki pages have pre-built
> notification structures (watchlists, RSS feeds, IRC feed, and e-mail).
> To this end, depending on who the relevant audience is of this report,
> updating multiple pages on local wikis may be a lot more fruitful.
> MZMcBride
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