On 22.08.2014 09:22, Erik Moeller wrote:
> - The MediaViewer rollout was very smooth until the deployments to
> German Wikipedia, English Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons. There could
> be many reasons for that -- but it's a fact nonetheless. I do see
> little evidence that users in other communities are especially unhappy
> about the feature (leaving aside the politics of it now). I would be
> very curious what reason people do attribute that difference to,
> however (understanding that Commons is very different from the
> Wikipedia use case).

This may or may not correlate with a deep commitment to a) the licenses,
b) quality.

> - The criticism isn't just about that -- it's about a large number of
> mostly individually small issues. Generally, the idea that we
> effectively "munge" some of the metadata by displaying a
> machine-readable subset below the fold is viewed very negatively,
> because 1) it doesn't reflect all the available information, 2) it
> makes it harder for users to discover the File: page, and potentially
> edit it.

If it does not reflect the license information it is broken.

The license is paramount. We can not accept any kind of software that
hands out "reuse information" that does not display the photographer's
name and the license (with link to the license text).

We do not want a default setting, that does not show extensive
descriptions, map legends, image annotations and the like. All that is
content we created for the readers. You must not block our readers from
this content.

MV is broken. It is not ready to be deployed. Not by far. Take it back
and fix it.

In theory I can see a working MV. I can even imagine a working Visual
Editor, but am very skeptical about it. I can not imagine Flow to work,
ever. This one needs to be abandoned now.

Eric, your department has an abysmal record. You have wasted millions on
software that started with the wrong framework and is not working after
years and years of development. Please think about yourself, not about
the communities if you want to understand about the conflicts at hand.


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