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> A first step here, I believe, is have the Teams track bugs in the open;
> from my own experience, the Flow and Multimedia folks track bugs somewhere
> else where I can't even view or comment (and even if I could, it being
> different from Bugzilla would make things harder).

All WMF Engineering teams track bugs in the open (unless they are
security/privacy related, for obvious reasons), although the use of
multiple tools doesn't help indeed. This is why we decided to move to

> I'm not sure what about migration to Phabricator, but I think it's an
> operations style of thing (I'm yet to figure out how to get involved, but
> it'd make it easier for anyone to work on the new features - they are
> really documented on-wiki (thankfully they only internalise only bug
> tracking atm), although so far only in English mostly).

I'm not sure I understand, but in any case

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