James Heilman wrote:
>And have created a mockup of what it would look like here

This isn't really a mock-up... it's probably best to use
test.wikipedia.org or another dedicated test wiki for tests.

>Wondering peoples opinions.

The mobile team somewhat recently added a similar strapline to the mobile
site. You've seen <https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heart_failure>? It
currently changes colors based on the last time the page was modified and
it includes the username of the most recent editor.

I think the current mobile implementation is bad because it sends
misleading or inaccurate messages to users:

* articles are intentionally unsigned and without an owner, so putting a
  single username at the top of an article isn't really appropriate;

* the color cues (green if the page was recently edited, grey if the page
  hasn't been recently edited) give the impression that recent page
  activity is more important than making quality edits; and

* the "last edited" time may or may not be the last time the page was
  truly edited (consider page protection, vandalism followed by a
  reversion, etc.).

I think we're prominently sending the wrong messages to users on the
mobile site and I'm not really interested in doing the same on desktop. A
simple "authors" link, as you've proposed, might be more palatable. Though
I don't imagine linking to tools.wmflabs.org from every article would be
feasible due to server load, unless appropriately planned for. And we
probably don't want users bouncing to another domain in any case. We
already have <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heart_failure?action=info>
linked from the sidebar. Bolstering the content of this info page and
making the link to it more prominent would probably be better uses of time.


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