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> On 11/09/14 22:06, Pete Forsyth wrote:
>> Personally, I have no problem with the existence of the conference, but I
>> find its name alienating. Not everyone agrees with that assessment, but
>> clearly some others in this thread do.
> What Pete said.
> We could go into issues with the exclusionary nature itself, such as that
> it would exclude representatives of groups who ran into trouble becoming
> official - despite such a conference likely being one of the best venues
> for them to bring up and discuss with relevant others how to actually
> address or resolve that trouble that excluded them in the first place...
> ...but that sort of thing is much harder to resolve/address. The name, at
> least, is simple, and should also make a lot of the other problems less
> glaring in the process.
Assuming the issue of the name is the sticking point ...

What about the Wikimedia Meta-Conference? Or Meta-Wikimedia Conference?  Or
MetaWiki Conference?

It's more about the organisations in the background than keep the movement
going.  It doesn't seem (from my second-hand knowledge of the event) that a
regular editor would get a lot out of it?


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