Subject: To revdel (RD1) or not to revdel. That is a question....
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2014 23:38:16 +0200

I have had some discussions w/ users on IRC about the need to revdel/legal 
obligation to revdel copyvios.
If it had copyvios in it but has since been edited and rewritten, and no longer 
can be deleted per G12, nor revdeled per RD1 (since then it would ruin 
attribution, if the user had actually written something themself).
How should the example below be revdeled handled?
Example:Revision 1. mixed copyvio and own words by user X.Revision 2. Fixed 
typos by User Y.Revision 3. User Z rewrote the coied tex, left user X own words.

How should this be revdeled, and how should this be atributed? (sorry for my 
bad English....)
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