On Thu, Oct 9, 2014 at 7:53 PM, Matthew Flaschen <mflasc...@wikimedia.org>

> Finally, I consider the "unreadable parser functions" problem essentially
> solved.  Lua is not perfect, but it's a usable language (and not a
> Mediawiki-specific one) that is far more readable and writable than
> complicated nested parser functions.

I see replacing "unreadable parser functions" with "Lua" as replacing one
bad solution with a differently bad solution.  Since the problems of the
second are different from those of the first, it's possible to claim the
second "solves the problems" of the first, but that's a bit lame.  The
problems of Lua should have been anticipated, and should have been avoided
by finding a better solution; and settling for a differently bad solution
is just a different way of settling for a bad solution.
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