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> On 10.10.2014 20:33, Michael Peel wrote:
>> This is very, very cool. :-) I don’t suppose the monument is freely
>> licensed? Can Creative Commons licenses even be applied to monuments?
>> Thanks,
>> Mike
> First, yes it can. A sculptor can give a permission, which would mean that 
> every photo of a monument can be licensed under CC-BY-SA if the photographer 
> wishes. I am sure we had such examples on Commons (they are sent via OTRS).

Cool. :-) It would be great to hear about examples where monuments have been 

> Second, as it was noticed already, Poland has freedom of panorama for 
> monuments, and therefore a permission from the sculptor is not even needed.

That’s true, but it’s relying on a copyright exception for a specific country, 
rather than an internationally valid copyright license, which can be an 
important distinction e.g., when photographers cross borders between taking and 
uploading photos. The latter is much better than the former where possible.


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