imo (but maybe I'm sitting on the wrong direction on this horse) but once
we have a program it can be installed to any suitable location.

I think it would be great moving that way. WMF and a few chapters have
dedicated people for event organizing, why not use them. Bidding would be
then for _hosting only_, what I am sure would generate dozens of
applications per event.

Not to mention how much easier would it be to keep up the consistency and
the continuity (contentwise) of the events.

2014.10.16. 4:24, "Asaf Bartov" <> ezt írta:

> Hello, everyone.
> Weeks go by, and the previous conversation was throughly derailed, so out
> of a profound interest in ensuring a high-value event, I am bringing this
> up again: we[3] *need to make progress* with planning the
> working-meeting-featuring-Wikimedia-affiliates-and-WMF-and-the-WMF-Board-and-AffCom[4],
> whatever we may end up calling it[1].
> In the interest of moving on to focus on more substantive issues, and in
> light of there being only a single bid submitted so far[5], may I
> boldly *suggest
> that it be accepted* and that we devote the rest of the time until the
> spring to ensuring the lessons[6] of the previous years be heeded in
> *significant
> preparatory work* by the program team and the affiliates?
>    Asaf
> [1] or whatever we may choose to rename it.  The previous thread was
> successfully killed by the digression into the event's name.  Let's try to
> keep this one on track, and discuss the name ELSEWHERE[2], shall we?
> [2]
> [3] yes, not all the hundreds of people on this mailing list.  But this is
> still the channel that reaches the greatest number of Wikimedia affiliates.
> [4]
> [5]
> [6]
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