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> Gerard Meijssen wrote:
> >Do not be daft. The Wikimedia Foundation centralised its fundraising. It
> >said that it would do a better job. Seen from a central periphery model,
> >it probably does, However seen from the Netherlands it is rather silly.,
> >
> >Pooh poohing this away with "you can donate time as well" is fine when you
> >are in the centre.
> I see a few inter-related questions here that I think must be resolved
> during the drafting of the next Strategic Plan:
> * who should primarily be responsible for collecting donations?
> * how large, in terms of staff and budget, should the Wikimedia Foundation
>   be?
> * how large, in terms of staff and budget, should individual chapters be?
> * should the Wikimedia Foundation continue to be headquartered in San
>   Francisco?
> * how do we measure effectiveness/impact of programs by the Wikimedia
>   Foundation and chapters?
> I personally don't think the current model of having so many staff in such
> an expensive area of the world is practical or sustainable. The cost of
> being in San Francisco, California seems to _far_ outweigh any benefit
> it's providing. It's been six years since the Wikimedia Foundation moved
> out to San Francisco and what do we have to show for it? Weekly lunches
> with Wikia? Ugh. Is $60 million a year really needed? I doubt it, we did
> just fine with a fraction of that amount. But these questions and their
> answers all need to be thoroughly explored, in my opinion.

Based on what the foundation is willing to pay for engineers, you're
probably right that it doesn't have a lot of benefit, since it's not a major
consideration for a lot of tech folks in the area. Wikimedia also isn't a
very active member of the tech community in San Francisco. When I attend
meetups and conferences, the thing I hear the most is "Wikimedia is in San

Really, though, based on the salaries paid, it doesn't matter where they're
headquartered, since that cost would likely be similar anywhere.

From a cost perspective, I'd be looking at the ratio of management and
non-management. I'd also ask how much is being spent on management and
executive training events (aka retreats).

- Ryan

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