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> "Net neutrality" as currently defined is an alluring concept because -
> as Westerners - we percieve its putative effect as "make everything
> uniformly inexpensive to level the playing field for users and content
> providers".  /We/ don't care that Wikipedia is as expensive to use as
> Facebook because the cost to either is marginally neglectable.

This makes me wonder if "yep, we sure do violate it, and here's
precisely why" might be a good answer. Though I'd rather not hand
Comcast any more sticks. (Compare the FSF's use of copyright
assignment and the typical commercial user of copyright assignment.)

I note a vague similarity to Erik's essay on why -NC is harmful: that
the idea of enforcing "noncommerciality" is pretty much a first world
affectation and doesn't really do the job people using it want it to.

- d.

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