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> From my Australian perspective, it's interesting because we've never had
> 'net neutrality' in the way that it is described in the US and, with
> appropriate competition and regulation this is not been a problem. e.g.:
> "Net neutrality is an honourable aspiration, but the Australian internet
> > service provider market has thrived and innovated without it.
> > Discriminatory pricing in the form of unmetered content is more a
> consumer
> > bonus than an imposition of someone else’s choice.
> >
> http://theconversation.com/australias-net-neutrality-lesson-for-the-us-22245
> >
Thanks for the interesting link. While the article acknowledges that the
lack of net neutrality has favored certain Australian content providers at
the expense of others, it sounds like the most pernicious effects are
mitigated by the fact that at least part of the ISP infrastructure is
treated as a public utility that must permit competitors.

One more example of how an absolutist and global approach to net neutrality
fails to account for local nuance.
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