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> Dear WMF Fundraising team, please do not take this thread (or this email)
> as an attack on yourselves or the professionalism that you apply to your
> work.

I would suspect that what drives this is indeed the professionalism of the
Fundraising team. I don't mean to be overly speculative, but what we are
talking about here is an issue that doesn't readily translate into metrics.
Creating and gathering metrics for "damage to the Wikipedia brand" would be
extremely difficult and expensive. On the other hand, creating and
gathering metrics for "the number/amount/... of donations received" is easy
and cheap. Relatedly, "damage to the Wikipedia brand" is not something the
impact of which you feel directly, while "the number/amount/... of
donations received" is something that immediately translates into WMF's

So I assume the Fundraising team is in a somewhat uncomfortable position
here. Getting them to change the way they run the campaigns might, in this
case, really not work on its own; rather, in my view, any decision on this
likely has to come from the very top of the Foundation (those that
Fundraising reports to), who, to some degree, have to place their gut
feeling over the implications derived from the available/feasible set of
hard quantitative metrics.

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