Thanks everyone for a fantastic metrics meeting.

I had two questions which I raised on IRC which didn't get a chance to
be addressed.  Briefly:

1) Is the rise in global south page views specifically to *enwiki*, or
is it to local wikis?

2) Does the page view decrease in Latin America correspond to a
decline in the eswiki project specifically?  How do our numbers look
if we look at projects rather than countries?

Oliver shared one of the tools used to collate the graphs seen in the
meeting, and I was able to determine, for example, that the rise in
pageviews from Iran is almost entirely due to rises in Iranian access
to enwiki.  The growth in views of fawiki and other wikis from Iran is
much more modest.

It seems that our thinking about redirecting to localized content and
the rise of mobile in the global south should be informed by these
analytics.  Are folks coming to enwiki because that's where the
content and editors are?  If so we might be doing readers a disservice
by redirecting them to a local wiki without the content they are
seeking.  (Perhaps the Content Translation tool can help.)  If our
userbase in the global south is coming from mobile, than it is
important to provide localized editing tools for mobile; less so if
they are primarily English-speaking and can take advantage of the
desktop editors of enwiki.  Will investment in the Content Translation
tool affect the balance between enwiki and local wiki pageviews going

I dug into the numbers a little bit, others who are interested can
join me in a discussion over at

Thanks for your attention...

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