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> Thanks everyone for a fantastic metrics meeting.
> I had two questions which I raised on IRC which didn't get a chance to
> be addressed.  Briefly:
> 1) Is the rise in global south page views specifically to *enwiki*, or
> is it to local wikis?

Not actually an either/or.  The answer seems to me to be "yes", i.e. all
wikis -- that is, all projects, all languages.

> It seems that our thinking about redirecting to localized content and
> the rise of mobile in the global south should be informed by these
> analytics.  Are folks coming to enwiki because that's where the
> content and editors are?

Some definitely do.  Another major factor, mentioned today, is that in some
countries, mobile devices just don't come with good local languages
support, and people are putting up with that and using what the device does
give them, which are generally the major, colonial languages.

> If so we might be doing readers a disservice
> by redirecting them to a local wiki without the content they are
> seeking.  (Perhaps the Content Translation tool can help.)  If our
> userbase in the global south is coming from mobile, than it is
> important to provide localized editing tools for mobile; less so if
> they are primarily English-speaking and can take advantage of the
> desktop editors of enwiki.

Remember that while "global south" is a shorthand label we use for
convenience to group together a large number of countries, it's often quite
misleading to generalize about it, *particularly* around language

In Anglophone Africa, for example, most people are used to looking for
information online in English and not in indigenous languages.  But in
Brazil, people consume information in Portuguese, but many (16%) also refer
to the English Wikipedia (and intriguingly, 1 in 3 *edits* from Brazil is
to ENWP!), presumably for its broader coverage or higher average quality.
In Ukraine, 70% read the Russian Wikipedia and only 17% read the Ukrainian
Wikipedia; interviews tell me this is largely due to device defaults,
beyond the obvious different in size and average quality.

This page reveals some of those breakdowns:

> Will investment in the Content Translation
> tool affect the balance between enwiki and local wiki pageviews going
> forward?

That would be one long-term effect to watch for, I think!

Thanks for digging up further info!


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