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> Over the last few years the Foundation has decisively moved away from
> allowing local chapters to take part in the on-screen fundraiser, preferring
> to centralise the work in spite of the loss of the available local tax
> reliefs (such as Gift Aid in the UK).  Many chapters, including the UK,
> would have liked to have been part of the fundraiser, but the previous ED,
> Sue Gardner, determined that that would not be permitted.  WMUK regretted
> that decision, and we responded to it here:
> https://wikimedia.org.uk/wiki/Open_letter_to_Sue_Gardner.

The question was raised by Nick over at the WMF Board noticeboard.[1]
There Sj states:

"The [UK Fund for Charities channels gifts to validated non-UK based
charities. We were able to use their service this year for large
Wikimania-related donations. They charge 1% for large gifts, making
this an effective way to receive gift aid. However this is not a great
solution for individual donors: for gifts under £100, they charge up
to 20%, consuming most of the gift aid."

$500,000 is quite a lot of coin to be missing out on; and the WMF is
obviously looking at ways to get this gift aid (whilst bypassing
WMUK), just without registering themselves in the UK, which would see
it having to comply with European directives on numerous issues.

There's more to this story me thinks ;)



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