Thanks for your reply and clarification.

When one clicks on the fundraising banner from the UK, they get taken
to this site.[1] As you can see there is no prominent link about gift
aid on that page. There is, however, a link at the bottom under "Tax
deductibility information" which takes you here.[2]

It will certainly be interesting to see the figures in February which
you said you'd provide, so that we can see for ourselves just how the
figures from the UK compare to previous years when the gift aid was
obviously more prominent (from what I am lead to understand).

Another interesting thing I noticed. When you go the landing page for
Australia,[3] I see the option there to pay via BPay.[4] And sure
enough, the Wikimedia Foundation has a BPay biller code.[5] Most
Australians would be familiar with BPay, so it's a great feature to
have. But, upon looking at their FAQs[6] it states:

"Can an overseas business become a BPAY biller?

Unfortunately, if your business is based overseas you can’t become a
BPAY biller. BPAY is only available for businesses in Australia."

How exactly is the WMF utilising BPay here in Australia? It's not
registered in Australia.[7]

More info on that would be awesome. Sorry if it's been answered before.




On Tue, Dec 9, 2014 at 5:08 AM, Lisa Gruwell <> wrote:
> Hi Russavia-
> Thanks for clarification. There is a lot of room for confusion here and I 
> sure I have not been as clear when talking about this as I needed to be.  
> Here are the details: The pricing structure is based on cumulative donations. 
>  We paid 20% on the first £100 in donations (which was covered with our very 
> first donation), 10% on the next £9899, and 1% on every donation after that – 
> which is the fee assessed on any donation made during this December campaign 
> that requests Gift Aid.  We will share the totals after we receive our 
> quarterly statement toward the end of February.  Sorry for the confusion.
> Thank you,
> Lisa

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