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> WMF must implement a professional ticketed system for media takedowns,
> and DMCAs must be the exception rather than the norm.

hmm, do you have evidence of this? There are often delays when it comes to
acknowledging the receipt of permission statements (due to the high amount
of such emails), but frankly I have never heard of copyright infringement
notices not being processed. From my impression this is one area where we
are particularly swift to react, and respecting third-party copyrights is
one of the cornerstones of the project (incidentally, the original thread
here was started precisely because, supposedly, Commons users take
copyright law too seriously). That doesn't mean there might not be an
outlier occasionally, but almost all of these copyright-related complaints
that I see are dealt with within a few days at the most. (That doesn't, and
shouldn't, mean that everything is acted on just because someone claims
their rights were violated without providing any proof of that claim. In
this case it might be necessary to resort to the DMCA's notice process
since it's the only way to at least expose the claimant to some danger
should his assertion prove untrue.)

Also, the extremely low number of DMCA take-down requests (see <
seems to contradict your claim that they are the "norm." It would be highly
implausible that you can run a platform like the Wikimedia projects at 58
DMCA requests in two years (apparently less than 10/year related to
Commons) unless you have a pretty efficient mechanism apart from that in
place to address such issues.

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