This sounds like a Wikisource idea - do we have any wikisourcerers who can
give their thoughts?

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On 5 January 2015 at 13:30, Sucheta Ghoshal <>

> Hi all,
> A few of my friends and I have been planning to document the history of
> counterculture in Bengali art and literature. These friends are also
> working in that domain professionally, and have access to a huge repository
> of texts, images, and other relevant details that they are willing to make
> available digitally in the form of free contents. We wish to have the
> contents as wikis, and, pictures and video snippets that might be involved
> - as properly licensed free materials. Now, the concern is if there is some
> Wikimedia Project that would host contents that are based on such an
> enormous amount of original research. Wikipedia is certainly not the
> appropriate place. And, as there exist no earlier works on this particular
> domain on the internet, references would be negligible. I was thinking
> about Wikibooks, instead. I am not entirely sure if that fits either, but I
> assume it fits better than Wikipedia, at least. The last option is to host
> it ourselves with the MediaWiki setup, and I am considering it very much.
> But, the idea essentially is to make people edit and enrich it with as much
> inputs as possible. It would be really helpful, in that case, if it could
> be placed in one of the Wikimedia projects. Suggestions, of every kind,
> would be deeply appreciated.
> Best,
> Sucheta
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