Actually, the experiment is whether such a campaign would drive more
successful grants, as I understand it. It works from the assumption that
such grants would have a positive impact. I'm happy to go with that
assumption though.

I still strongly disagree with this initiative, but especially the way it
is executed. I'm glad to hear that all time-sensitive requests can still
apply during this period - that would probably be quite a few requests.

I'm still in the dark as to why this has to be a three month program (that
is a very long period of time to put everything on hold for an experiment)
and not just 2-4 weeks. Then you could actually commit to quicker
run-through times in the program, etc. Reducing the time frame would reduce
the damaging side effect significantly.


On Tue, Jan 6, 2015 at 6:47 AM, Peter Southwood <> wrote:

> Did you not see the bit about "experimental"?
> Cheers,
> Peter
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> * Siko Bouterse wrote:
> >Why the gender gap? Although we’ve committed to supporting and
> >increasing gender diversity, so far these kinds of projects haven’t
> >emerged organically at any meaningful scale. In the first half of this
> >year, IEG and PEG have spent only 9% of funds on projects aiming to
> >directly impact this gap and less than ? of our grantee project leaders
> have been women.
> >Without taking time to focus on increasing gender diversity in our
> >content and contributors, this trend is likely to continue.
> What evidence is there that spending more on "gender gap" will have any
> measurable impact on "gender gap"? I also note that you say "projects"
> have not "emerged". That sounds like people do not actually have ideas how
> to "impact" "gender gap" with money. Could you identify a couple of
> projects that would have considerable "impact" on "gender gap" but that
> have been refused funding in the past due to a lack of "focus" on "gen- der
> gap"?
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