* Kim Bruning wrote:
>Found another article calling out Wikipedia. Are there also
>articles praising us? :-)
>       https://medium.com/backchannel/less-than-zero-199bcb05a868


  Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Wikipedia become “the Internet” for
  the users of mobile data supported by “zero rating” plans, because
  accessing these services doesn’t cause users to hit the data caps
  applied by the carriers, and in many cases the plans don’t require
  the user to sign up for mobile data at all.


  Wikipedia Zero cannot be sold as part of a bundle. Access to the
  Wikimedia sites through Wikipedia Zero cannot be sold through limited
  service bundles.

It seems pretty clear to me that users of Wikipedia Zero must pay a
non-trivial amount for "mobile data" above and beyond normal telephony
services, even if they only access "zero-rated services", otherwise it
is a limited service bundle which we are lead to believe is forbidden.

(It is also possible the intent of the requirement above is that it is
entirely okay to "sell Wikipedia Zero" through limited service bundles
so long as an operator does not offer even more limited services; in
that case the phrasing is grossly misleading.)

I assume the Foundation closely monitors offerings of operators it has
made an agreement with to ensure access to Wikipedia Zero is never sold
as part of a limited service bundle. Could the relevant records please
be released?
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