Bans without explanations are certainly not acceptible.


2015-01-20 14:18 GMT+03:00 Ricordisamoa <>:

> It is now clear that the superprotect affair was only a preliminary move.
> Now they hide themselves behind a collective account <
>> issuing batches of global
> locks <;
> type=globalauth&user=WMFOffice&year=2015&month=1> and writing boilerplate
> replies <
> WMFOffice&diff=10982297>.
> As with the superprotect, the how is to blame, not the what. Note that I
> do not object global locks at all.
> What I object is the lack of a published reason for them, and the
> community interaction that Lila called so deeply for.
> They can play with the Terms Of Use, protecting any page on any project
> and global-locking any account "to protect the integrity and safety of the
> site and users", actually at their sole discretion.
> The breach of trust is complete now. The only thing that may stop me from
> leaving the projects for good is my loyalty to the volunteer community.
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