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> The problem is that WMF already produced a lot of damage, and foremost,
> damage to their reputation. Russavia at the point he was banned was still a
> Commons administrator, and he recently survived a desysop discussion. This
> means he really was trusted by active part of the community (though there
> was vocal opposition as well). At some point, WMF will need to get
> volunteer support for some of its actions, and it will be extremely
> difficult to achieve on Commons.

The reality is that its recent actions have made no difference in that
respect other than reducing the number of anti WMF people in senior
positions on commons by one. Realistically there was no course of action
that the WMF people could take that would bring that anti WMF commons
people onside. Partly because they are pretty set on their current position
and partly because in most cases it is an extension of being anti-english
wikipedia and that is frankly even less fixable.

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