I wrote an open letter to Lila because I saw Philippe Beaudette saying he was 
taking advice from English Wikipedia Arbcom on the matter of offsite 
harassment. The problem is that is that Arbcom has an history of harassing. So 
it should not be giving any advice on the matter of stopping it. 

To make this case, I used the examples of FT2's "Anvil Email" threatening an 
editor's family and AGK's filing a trumped-up complaint to an editor's 
employer, and then on a similar theme I pointed to Wikimedia Foundation steward 
JurgenNL and administrator TBloemink's real-life stalking of MoiraMoira (they 
laughed about her on IRC and then took a train trip to visit her house).

I won't copy-paste the whole thing here, but if you're interested you'll find 
it here: http://timsongfan.livejournal.com/1971.html. Feedback is welcome. I 
think the WMF's policy of according IP and other sensitive user data via 
checkuser and UTRS and so forth to anonymous administrators is creating real 
risks to Wikipedia editors, and that is the case I make in the open letter.

Trillium Corsage 

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