One is a steward the other is an administrator, I may have reversed their 
roles, but they are definitely the two that stalked Moiramoira.

Thanks for the notification, I'll doublecheck which is which and see about 
correcting that.

Trillium Corsage 

02.02.2015, 14:55, "Hong, Yena" <>:
> Uhm, was JurgenNL steward? I thought TBloemink was, not JurgenNL.
> -Yena Hong (Revi)
> [[User:-revi]]
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> 2015. 2. 2. 오후 11:49에 "Trillium Corsage" <>님이 작성:
>>  I wrote an open letter to Lila because I saw Philippe Beaudette saying he
>>  was taking advice from English Wikipedia Arbcom on the matter of offsite
>>  harassment. The problem is that is that Arbcom has an history of harassing.
>>  So it should not be giving any advice on the matter of stopping it.

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