It is true that our Arbitrators have not always behaved as we would wish,
and the cases that Trillium brings are are especially egregious, those
familiar with the the Arbcom leaks or indeed who have followed the actions
of the Committee, or dealt with individual Arbitrators on the English
Wikipedia, will be aware of many errors and abuses.  (They will also be
aware that the majority of Arbitrators have been assets to the community
the majority of the time.)

However the fact that a proportion, even if it were a significant
proportion, of the committee have feet of clay, does not mean that they are
not a useful collective resource to consult over harassment issues.

What we should take form the issues over the years is that it is worth
looking at ways to improve the governance structure.  Splitting check-user
form arbitration is one possible means.  Making checkuser more transparent
is another.  And "real name" accountability is a third.  Note that one
Arbitrator resigned (and pretty much left the project too) rather than
provide the WMF with his real name.

On 2 February 2015 at 15:12, Trillium Corsage <>

> Nathan, there is no context that could possibly justify those evidenced
> incidents of harassment and stalking. There is no excuse. The information
> is out there for anyone who wants to read about them, but it's wrong to
> attempt to rationalize them in a sea of details and that's why I didn't do
> it.
> Trillium Corsage
> PS: yes, I identify as male ("he, his" etc.).
> 02.02.2015, 15:03, "Nathan" <>:
> > I wasted the few minutes necessary to read "Trillium"'s blog post, and I
> > don't recommend anyone else make that same mistake. He's taken a few
> > incidents in a 7 year period, presented them utterly without the totally
> > necessary context, and ignored any evidence that might make it clear how
> > silly and ignorant his (or her) position is.
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