Dear Nemo,

There is, of course, other documentation on mediawiki already.

However, having additional how-to type pages in the help namespace is a
great idea. I didn't realize that there were not already any help pages on
mediawiki about the education program extension. Thank you for pointing
that out. We can plan to add some.

It is my understanding that Meta and Outreach wikis actually are
appropriate places to share information about the this extension in these

On Meta wiki, that page is part of the Learning Pattern Library, and as
such, it explains a "problem" that the extension "solves".

On Outreach wiki, that page provides information for education program
volunteers who might be wish to more learn about it in order to work with
their communities to enable it on their projects.

It is true that much of the information, on Outreach, in particular, is
somewhat technical in nature, and somewhat duplicative of information that
is available on, but that is that something I am working on
updating and improving. I welcome your input on that process; we could
discuss it on the talk page.

Kind regards,



Anna Koval, M.Ed.
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Wikimedia Foundation
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On Tue, Feb 3, 2015 at 11:12 PM, Federico Leva (Nemo) <>

> Samir Elsharbaty, 04/02/2015 03:08:
>> It seems that the
>> extension already covers most of what was suggested here:
>>  - A teacher or wiki-mentor could make a shared watchlist of their
>>>   student's draft pages.
>>> - An editathon organiser could create a shared watchlist of all the
>>>   articles within the scope of the event.
>>> - A wikiproject could create several shared watchlists to group related
>>>   articles for members to more easily monitor.
>>> - probably many other use-cases that might emerge...
> Ah, does it. My understanding is that this has been considered feature
> bloat, to be removed in a rewrite of the extension.
> If it works for you, however, it can hopefully scale. I suggest that you
> comment on to suggest they
> split the shared watchlist feature out of the Education extension
>> If this is the case why shall we have a new extension with the same
>> features?
>> Please have a look at this page which covers the features and use of the
>> Ed
>> extension:
>> Also this learning pattern would help understanding how it works:
>> Using_the_education_extension
> These are not appropriate places for documentation of a MediaWiki
> extension. Please move to the Help namespace of
> Nemo
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