It appears to me from my surface-level review that there are some long-term
finance and governance troubles at the main CC org. Now seems like a good
time for WMF and other relevant orgs to develop a contingency plan in case
the main CC org continues to have problems or ceases to be functional. I
hope that the CC chapers have contingency plans, and I hope that we on this
list will hear directly from WMF Legal that they are watching this
situation carefully and are making appropriate plans based on what they


On Feb 15, 2015 12:40 AM, "Federico Leva (Nemo)" <> wrote:

> See also ,
> tag/ceo
> It's important to note that CC has dozens of independent national
> "chapters" (affiliates https://wiki.creativecommons.
> org/Category:Jurisdictions ), many of which are university
> centres/departments; some are rather big and do international work as well,
> like NEXA ( ).
> It's impossible for them all to collapse at once; in case of fatal
> emergency, it would probably be comparatively easy to transition the
> barebone CC infrastructure (main trademarks and website) from one org to
> another.
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