I am glad the tables are useful, hopefully stimulating more positive
use of the thanks notifier by contributors.

The reports are updating *slowly*, currently at April 2014... This is
in part because of the WMFlabs outage yesterday, though in general any
report of the "logging" table is going to be slow (it is the largest
table on the wiki database). The first run-through will take several
days as it is going back through all of 2014. Once it is only
reporting on the previous month, I suspect it will finish monthly
updates within the first first day.

There was an interesting debate about the report for the German
Wikipedia,[1] with some users feeling it was intrusive or may
introduce "competitive" use of thanks that could be negative. I
suspect that many users of the thanks notifier may have been under the
impression that the logs were not visible or public. I did not expect
this to be contentious, so I am pleased that the extra cautious
approach of only adding projects on request, means that I had time to
add a global opt-out as a courtesy for individual users that contact
me. I have decided to not report on the German Wikipedia thanks log
unless there is a consensus from that community that they want to have
it. :-)



On 25 February 2015 at 13:30, Rodrigo Padula <> wrote:
> Excellent!!
> Great initiative, congratulations!
> Thank you for answering my request for inclusion of pt.wikipedia!
> Best regards
> Rodrigo Padula
> 2015-02-23 12:57 GMT-03:00, Fæ <>:
>> I have now set up a monthly report of the top 10 "thankers" /
>> "thankees" with an index to the different project reports on the above
>> link. These have been generated retrospectively for 2014 and I will
>> shortly set this up on WMF labs to run at the beginning of each month
>> to add last month's results.*
>> Rather than running this automatically for several hundred projects, I
>> am happy to add projects on request (so long as the thanks extension
>> is being regularly used by more than 10 people!). Just drop a note on
>> my meta talk page to request the addition. I have haphazardly picked 6
>> of the busiest projects to get started on, mainly as a multi-language
>> test, not because I favour one language Wikipedia over another. :-)
>> Time for someone to create a "thank you barnstar of super thanks" ?
>> This is one of many ad-hoc reports run as Faebot, but if it becomes
>> especially useful or critical to outreach projects I'll consider
>> moving a stable version to a special bot account or similar.
>> * - At the time of writing, the tables for 2014 are being generated.
>> This may take the rest of the day to complete! If your project has
>> recently been added, the reports might have to wait for the next
>> monthly run depending on how much free wiki-time I have.
>> Fae
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