On 2 March 2015 at 13:49, Oliver Keyes <ironho...@gmail.com> wrote:

> But if we're going to implement something, why not just..have timezone
> be an element of the timestamps on history pages? It's UTC unless the
> user explicitly changes it, and if they explicitly change it that's
> known in the database (and already referenced to decide how to convert
> the UTC timestamp when the page is displayed). It's a perfectly
> sensible UI change that makes sense independent of this problem.

This sounds like a good idea - in some ways, it's more robust than a
notice at the top of the page. It's very easy for someone to not
notice a general message, especially if they're looking at more than
the first two entries in the history.

If we want to be clever, we could always get JS trickery to display
something like "xx.xx UTC ($localtimezone +5.00)" rather than just
"xx.xx UTC".


- Andrew Gray

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