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> Dear Wikimedians all over the world,
> One of our stalwarts at ml Wikimedia community, Wikiuser:BabuG
> <> (
>  expired yesterday night.
> Despite having paralyzed due to a severe stroke and severely affected by
> several subsequent health problems, he was guided to Wikipedia by his son,
> Dr. Ajay, another prominent Malayalam Wikipedian, as a possible remedy to
> escape perpetual loneliness.
> His real world name was G. Balachandran.He was born on 14th October 1938 in
> a small village off North Parur, Ernakulam District, Kerala, the
> Southernmost state of India.He  joined the Armed Forces Engineering College
> and then continued to serve the Indian Armed forces for long many years.
> He started contributing to Wikimedia, particularly to Malayalam Wikipedia,
> in the year 2008.
> His initial contributions to Malayalam Wikipedia were based upon a
> pulp-converted digital Encyclopedia, released by the Government through
> GFDL licence then.  He continued to create even more full-featured articles
> on his own, later. By 2014 October 18 - the day he edited last in
> Wikipedia- he had 1935 full-blown articles initiated and expanded by
> himself in Besides, he also contributed more than 350
> images to Wikimedia commons and a handsome  amount of contributions to
> Wikisource, Wikidata and Wiktionary.
> He always attributed his renewed energy and life's aspirations to the
> Wikimedia mission, for having returned to a meaningful life after a 20-year
> long and frustrating solitude while constrained to an immobile chair. Ever
> since 2008, he stood up and started walking and moving around. His was an
> extreme example for us in Malayalam WP to showcase how Wikipedia can change
> lives.
> In almost all our Wikipedia Outreach sessions, we utilized this great
> example to motivate and excite the newcomers to WP.
> Tory Read mentioned about BabuG thus, in a document
> <>, a  review
> on the state of Indian Wikimedia Communities, in 2011:
> G. Balachandran, a septuagenarian who lives outside of Ernakulum in Kerala
> > state, said that working on Malayalam Wikipedia helped him recover after
> a
> > stroke left him paralyzed. “He’s much sharper now,” said his wife
> Jagadamma
> > K. “He’s made a lot of new friends, and that’s been good for his health.”
> For us in Malayalam Wikipedia, today is a black day, for having lost a
> great beacon on our voyage to ultimate openness and freedom in knowledge
> and wisdom.
> Yet, we feel, BabuG has made his life stamped immortal for ever and has
> shown us the pathway we should follow in continuing our humble
> contributions to the ultimate cause of mankind.
> -ViswaPrabha
> (On behalf of Malayalam Wikimedia Community)
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