In answers to questions on Quora, Jimmy Wales responded to some of the
points from my earlier mailing list reply. (I didn't post any questions,
including the questions linked below, to Quora.) A page on Meta-Wiki
collecting information about this lawsuit might be nice to have.

MZMcBride wrote:
>However, this lawsuit has the appearance of being the start of a
>completely un-winnable case that's merely an expensive political stunt.

At <> Jimmy writes:

It is not in any way a publicity stunt. It is a real lawsuit in a real
court about a real issue. It is fully backed by the ACLU, and we have a
good chance of winning.

MZMcBride wrote:
>What's the projected length of time that this lawsuit will take to

At <> Jimmy writes:

I would estimate that it will take 2-3 years in total, including appeals
courts and the Supreme Court if necessary.

I think our odds of winning are very good.  I assume they and their
lawyers think the opposite.  :-)


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