I'm generally supportive of this legal action, but I am troubled by this

"I trust our legal team to make decisions about what legal actions to
participate in."

In general I think highly of Michelle, but this statement fits a
long-running pattern I percieve in WMF governance of the board being
deferential to the ED and staff. This goes back to Sue's tenure and
possibly longer. I feel that the Board should respectfully ask tough
questions about staff recommendations. Had the board done so, we might all
have been saved from the MediaViewer, VisualEditor, and other product
dramas because the Board would have been vigilant about project selection
and quality control. WMF needs an activist board. All of the guidance that
I read about boards in general says that good boards do due diligance, and
I would encourage the WMF board to be proactive and ask tough questions.
This can be done while maintaining a positive and respectful atmosphere.

Thank you,

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