Thanks for moving this close to completion.  I hope finalization goes well.

However, It found Special:UsersWhoWillBeRenamed totally useless at
Wiktionary, as I'm sure it is at any mature project.  Only 25 names appear
at time. On Wiktionary the first page only includes names using exclusively
exclamation marks.  It takes several pageforwards to get to the first "A".
It is not searchable.  There is not even a count of how many there are in

I'm not sure why the list is provided.  What is a use case for it?

It would be useful for those reviewing entries (articles) to have lists of
old and new names for contributors (with unreverted contributions) so as to
take advantage of hard-won knowledge about typical user contribution
quality, etc.  Are there plans for this?

On Wed, Mar 18, 2015 at 2:05 AM, Keegan Peterzell <>

> On Wed, Mar 18, 2015 at 1:00 AM, Pine W <> wrote:
> > Hi Keegan,
> >
> > Just a thought: you could invite WMFers to have SUL finalization parties
> > during a few lunch hours. Invite people out of their silos to work with
> you
> > and interact with the community to answer account-owner FAQs, translate
> the
> > Q&A, and interact with WMF's "customers". While this is a little
> different
> > from face-time, I still think that some of the 1:1 interaction would be
> > nice for everybody while helping move the SUL process along.
> >
> > Thanks for working on SUL.
> >
> > Pine
> Not a bad idea at all. I'll look into it, the prime time is this week and
> next, the expected response curve will likely drop sharply. Thanks, Pine :)
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